The Colorful Yard: Falmouth Landscape Design

“I love color,” Brenda said with a laugh. “You can probably guess that from my wardrobe.” The flamboyantly dressed Brenda lives in the Falmouth area, where she recently purchased a property. “Inside, all my furniture, the carpeting, the artwork on the walls – all very colorful. But you get out here, into the yard…” she waved her hand and sighed. “It’s just so blah. I mean, it all looks healthy and green, but nothing pops out and delights the eye. Nothing captures my imagination.”

“I know flowers would help, but I really don’t have a green thumb,” Brenda said. “I can paint flowers. I can’t grow them. That’s why I called in a landscape contractor.” Working together with her contractor, Brenda created a plan that included colorful, hardy plantings that require very little maintenance. “We also did some masonry pieces,” Brenda said. “People hear masonry and think all this grey concrete, but it’s so much more than that. There are really colorful building stones available, and we worked those into a seating area and my amazing outdoor kitchen.”

Working with a landscape contractor can transform your yard from blah to beautiful very quickly. “I am not the most patient person you ever met,” Brenda confessed. “I don’t like waiting for anything. But this experience was very quick. We spent some time creating the plan, but then it was one-two-three, here you go! There’s colors everywhere I look, and the trees have been selected to ensure we’ll have something vibrant to look at even after the snow starts flying. I’m really  happy with the whole look now!”

It’s Never Too Late For Landscape Design

“We inherited this house in Cape Cod – great, right?” Steven asked. “Cape Cod homes are known for their charm. But this Cape Cod home isn’t particularly charming. You look at it from the street and you think what kind of sad-sack sorry individuals live there?” He shook his head. “I want to do something to freshen the place up, but it’s probably too late.”

It’s never too late for landscape design. Whether you’re building a home for the very first time ever, or you’ve got a property that’s been in the family for generations, there’s always something that can be done with the outdoor spaces to make a home more appealing.

“We wanted to have a home with flair and character,” Steven said. “But what we had was flat and dull and boring. We worked with a landscape designer to create a yard that was more interesting, and reflects who we are as a family.” That landscape design includes a freshly reseeded yard, with grass varieties selected to stand up to the salty ocean air, as well as new shrubs and a bench that, in Steven’s words, ‘just invites everyone to come sit and visit for a while’.

“Landscape design is like a wardrobe for your home,” Steven said. “You know when you’re going out, and you want to make a positive impression on people, you choose your clothes carefully. You make sure they’re stylish and look good on you. Think of your landscape the same way. You don’t actually have to know anything about plants to work with a landscape designer: tell them the type of impression you want to make, and they’ll help you pick plants that will deliver that in the growing conditions that are present in your area.”

“Your home is a way to communicate who you are and what’s important to you,” Steven concluded. “Your landscape designer can make it happen. And now, when people go past this place, they say, “What type of interesting people live in that house?” He smiled. “I like that much better.”