Cape Cod Garden Escapes: Adding Luxury Green Spaces To Your Home

Cape Cod is truly one of New England’s most beautiful spaces. If you’re lucky enough to live there and enjoy one of America’s premiere vacation destinations as your address, you want to make the most of it. Outdoor living in Cape Cod includes smart landscape design. Using hedges, ornamental fencing, and strategic plantings, it’s possible to create luxurious, private green retreats you’ll love enjoying with your family and friends.

Here are some things to think about as you plan to take your lawn to the next level:

Masonry features for the lawn are both on trend and surprisingly affordable. Want to have a designated area to enjoy a fire and drinks with your friends? Have your Cape Cod masonry contractor put in a patio with a firepit. It only has to be large enough to accommodate your favorite people. You can use this firepit as the centerpiece of regular weekend gatherings to unwind; it’s great fun for the kids and young at heart to toast marshmallows. Some of life’s greatest conversations can only happen as the flames die down and coals glow in the darkness.

If you like outdoor entertaining, one feature your Cape Cod masonry contractor can create for you is an outdoor kitchen. Some of these features are truly amazing, integrating cooktops, grills, refrigeration and even running water. Everything you need to create an amazing meal is all in one place. If your masonry contractor also happens to do landscape design work, you can rest assured your outdoor kitchen will be ideally placed to be both functional and complimentary to the look of your home.

Gazebos, swings, and other play structures are the favorite features of the family friendly Cape Cod home. Landscape design that creates play areas for children features hardy grass varieties ideal for high traffic areas as well as durable plantings that can stand up to accidental bicycle crashes and more.


Designing a Landscape for Entertaining

Yarmouth has a vibrant social scene, where members of the arts community, local service organizations, and other residents regularly gather to celebrate life’s finer things. For homeowners who love to host events, landscape design really matters. The choices you make when working with your landscape designer can influence the size, scope and type of parties you can succeed with.

Love to cook outdoors? Barbecue cooking has become a spectator sport. A top trend in the entertainment landscape arena is the elevated cooking platform, where grills and firepits are built-in masonry features surrounded by spaces where friends can observe the action. Some outdoor kitchens even include plumbing and refrigeration features, so everything you need to create a show stopping meal is right there for you. Plants can be strategically deployed to enhance the outdoor cooking feature: imagine what you can do with fresh chives and rosemary always available, or a container planted with a bay laurel tree – great for Italian food!

If you are entertaining lots of children and active young people it’s a good idea to have your Yarmouth landscape company plant hardy, drought-resistant grasses. These varieties can stand up to the heavy activity and dry conditions; to keep everything perpetually party ready have your lawn service mow on Wednesdays or Thursday for weekend events.

Landscape design can play a huge role in creating a desirable aesthetic in your yard. If you want to set a specific emotional tone for an event, choosing the right flowers can make all the difference. The use of annual plantings as well as container shrubs means you can vary your landscape year to year without having to do major changes; over the course of time, one Western MA family did their yard first in shades of yellow, then pinks, and finally vibrant reds. They’ve found it adds joy to their life as well as enjoyment to their guests’ experience.