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Cape Cod Garden Escapes: Adding Luxury Green Spaces To Your Home

Cape Cod is truly one of New England’s most beautiful spaces. If you’re lucky enough to live there and enjoy one of America’s premiere vacation destinations as your address, you want to make the most of it. Outdoor living in Cape Cod includes smart landscape design. Using hedges, ornamental fencing, and strategic plantings, it’s possible […]

Designing a Landscape for Entertaining

Yarmouth has a vibrant social scene, where members of the arts community, local service organizations, and other residents regularly gather to celebrate life’s finer things. For homeowners who love to host events, landscape design really matters. The choices you make when working with your landscape designer can influence the size, scope and type of parties […]

Don’t Be Intimidated By Landscape Design

“I was telling my friend I just couldn’t figure out how to make our lawn look better,” Stacey said. “We’ve got this great house right in Bourne, but the yard is just meh. It’s boring, and the grass looks like it’s more than halfway dead. She told me I need to get a landscape designer. […]

Leaves & Your Lawn: Fall Landscaping Tips

New England is famous for autumn color, and Mashpee is certainly no exception. The leaves look radiant while they’re colorful and on the tree. After they fall to the ground, not so much. What can you do with all the leaves on your lawn? As landscape contractors, we love a healthy, well-fed lawn. Regular fertilization […]

The Sandwich Home: Should I Fertilize My Lawn Right Now?

The grass in Sandwich and other Western Massachusetts towns has definitely been showing the effects of the prolonged drought we’re experiencing. When you walk around some yards, you can hear the crispy crunch of brown grass snapping under your feet. With that in mind, we’ve had homeowners asking what they can do now to get […]

The Colorful Yard: Falmouth Landscape Design

“I love color,” Brenda said with a laugh. “You can probably guess that from my wardrobe.” The flamboyantly dressed Brenda lives in the Falmouth area, where she recently purchased a property. “Inside, all my furniture, the carpeting, the artwork on the walls – all very colorful. But you get out here, into the yard…” she […]

It’s Never Too Late For Landscape Design

“We inherited this house in Cape Cod – great, right?” Steven asked. “Cape Cod homes are known for their charm. But this Cape Cod home isn’t particularly charming. You look at it from the street and you think what kind of sad-sack sorry individuals live there?” He shook his head. “I want to do something […]